Psychotherapy Services

Dr. Nackman provides psychotherapy for clients of all ages. Adult clients often focus on relationship issues, struggles with depression and anxiety, separation and divorce, parenting concerns, and issues related to the family of origin.

Dr. Nackman specializes in work with children, adolescents, and their families. Referral issues for children often include behavioral problems, attentional and impulse difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders and developmental issues, depression and anxiety, peer and relationship difficulties, separation and divorce, regulatory difficulties, and trauma. The playroom in Dr. Nackman’s office is specially equipped for working with younger clients, particularly preschoolers and early elementary age students. Since children often have a harder time expressing their feelings, the playroom in her office offers children an opportunity to express their worries and concerns through play. Parent work is also an important component of the work with children.

Together with her clients, Dr. Nackman develops a treatment plan that may integrate several therapeutic modalities and techniques. When appropriate, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic approaches may be employed. Dr. Nackman often finds it useful to help individuals identify troubling recurring patterns and find ways to actively make changes or adjustments that help them find more satisfying solutions to their problems.

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